insurance forum austria 2020 review

Reflections on Insurance Forum Austria 2020

by Barbora Fuksa, Business Development Manager

Earlier this month, before the second wave of COVID-19 properly hit Central Europe, I was very excited and lucky to be able to attend my second live event of 2020: Insurance Forum Austria by Business Circle. Organized in Rust near the beautiful Neusiedler See, we spent one and...

Code quality matters

Code quality matters

by Dominik Matula, Data Scientist

In the modern age of big data, data science solutions are entering ever new fields. The market is literally over-saturated with start-ups, which daily generate new and modern ideas on how to extract even more from data. So, it’s surprising that ML hasn’t taken over the business of all major corporations yet, and it’s even harder to understand how...

Data-driven incident handling

Data-driven incident handling

by Lukáš Dvořák, Business Development Manager

How to use data to shift your business from reactive to proactive It is beyond any doubt that financial organizations have to focus on improving their processes for handling incidents. Whether we are talking about fraud, risk management or regular operations, every slowdown in incident-handling processes always cost dearly. On top of that, slow processes…

ai summit big data spark 2020

Spark AI Summit – what is new in the world of big data?

by Sergii Stamenov, Data Science Consultant

Before we dive into releases, I want to highlight one fact. Python is the most used language in the Databricks platform. If you have been working in big data for some time, you have probably had this discussion at least once. Scala/Java or Python? Which language should I choose for my big data processing? ...