data science project with unstructured data

The Real Challenge in Social Network Data Science

by Petr Paščenko, Head of Data Science

As even the slowest thinkers of our current era have already recognized, social networks and related phenomena, defined in the broadest possible terms, are a great source of insight into human behaviour and preferences as well as a vital resource for data analysis and predictive modelling. The key phenomenon in predictive modelling based on social…

data scientist in a project

3 Data Science Process Challenges

by Sergii Stamenov, Data Science Consultant

Graduating students hope that they will create a new recommendation system or search ranking algorithm. In reality, they have to deal with missing data, scalability and integration issues. On top of that, they have to learn the company’s processes or build new ones. It is no surprise that school is different from the working environment,…

data science project

How to Succeed in Data Science Projects

by Lukáš Dvořák, Business Development Manager

The effectiveness of data science projects is one of the hottest topics in business intelligence nowadays. On the one hand, we are discussing the huge potential of artificial intelligence in executing sophisticated tasks for businesses. On the other hand, we see the harsh reality of today. Large companies like banking institutions are struggling hard to…

artificial intelligence for banking

Building a Data Science and Analytics Competence in Banking

by Barbora Janulíková, Business Development Manager

In the last five years of providing data science as a service to Europe’s largest banks, we have faced plenty of cases where banks were unprepared to work with their data. Unfortunately, this problem arises not only at the stage of creating a competency in the field of data science and…

Bayesian networks modelling

Bayesian Networks: From zero to working model

by Dominik Matula, Data Scientist

Over the years, we have often heard from our clients that black box machine learning solutions are unacceptable. In the previous article, we went over three key questions to ask before using a black box model, and we proposed Bayesian networks as…