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hadoop big data with a minimal downtime

7 tips on how to fix a large amount of data in Hadoop

by Marek Sušický, Head of Big Data

I have been working on an international big data project. The cluster is huge, with TBs of memory and hundreds of CPUs – another great experience in the real world of big data and parallel computing for our team. In this short article, I’d like to share a story about some lessons learned with a…

predict client credit default with ai

Managing credit risk with advanced data analytics

by Barbora Fuksa, Business Development Manager

The traditional approach to quantifying credit risk in retail banking often relies on the most obvious variables such as annual/monthly income, employment length, employment title, etc. While these are still valid indicators for calculating...

3 other vs of big data

The alternative Vs of Big Data

by Lukáš Dvořák, Business Development Manager

Since Big Data technologies are becoming a common part of corporate infrastructures, IT departments are dealing with challenges concerning a successful adoption. However, the focus is frequently turning away from its essential purpose – responding to business needs effectively. This article offers an alternative way of looking at Big Data precisely from this perspective. …

next hub for artificial intelligence

5 Reasons Why Prague Is the Next AI Hub

by Barbora Fuksa, Business Development Manager

Prague is already recognized amongst important technological centres of the CEE region, and that is just the starting line.

dsaas in banking and finance

How Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) can help your business thrive

by Barbora Fuksa, Business Development Manager

Can DSaaS help to solve the shortage of data scientists? Set up optimal collaboration models and pay less for a quality data science.