Identifying and solving
technological challenges

Implementing scalable solutions

If you’re unclear on which problem to tackle first, or the best approach to take, our data consultancy service is designed to assist you in identifying your biggest gaps and challenges. With over 5 years of experience in the field of data analytics and big data, we can help prioritise the right activities, and propose tailored solutions.

We work collaboratively with Data Science, Risk, CRM, IT and DWH departments to choose, implement and use big data technologies, data science tools and methodologies to solve complex challenges. And we’ve successfully delivered multiple end-to-end solutions – planning, assessing risk, executing and evaluating complex analytical projects.

The unique industry knowledge we gain while working alongside our clients means our team is able to suggest and implement the best possible solutions – ones that will give the best results now, and also be suitable for scaling and adapting in the future.

Key facts

We help to build data science competency

Providing specialist training and workshops

Executing and evaluating data analytics projects

Technological consulting for Big Data, modelling and MLOps

Prioritisation and management of research activities

Our technological consulting covers

Big Data technologies

  • Choosing architecture & technological tools
  • Shortening run-times of computations
  • Converting data processes into real-time
  • Complying with security requirements

Modelling techniques

  • Using an open-source data stack
  • Customer behavioural modelling
  • Machine learning for unstructured data
  • Natural-language processing and text-mining

ML Ops

  • Deploying models into production environment
  • Unifying the cooperation of data scientists, business analysts and data engineers
  • Migrating data pipelines into the cloud.
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We expand to Germany
Profinit established a branch for the DACH region
Due to growing interest in their services in the DACH region, Profinit has announced the establishment of a new entity, Profinit DE in Hamburg.
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