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Our modular business data solutions are developed in conjunction with our banking partners. This enables us to target specific business use cases and to hone in on the needs of the banking and financial services sector.

Drawing on more than 7 years of experience with big data technologies, we’re able to process client transactions in real time. The patterns we discover in the data enable us to provide data solutions to the challenges seen in risk, marketing, fraud and IT.

This previous work benefits our clients, because we are deeply aware of the challenges faced in the banking sector, and the solutions that will have the most positive, most rapid impact. Having implemented our modular solutions with multiple banks, we have refined our process to ensure a smooth, straightforward experience for our customers.

Our team is used to working with both non-technical and tech-focused managers in banking and finance, and can therefore give department-specific explanations of the artificial intelligence and machine learning used in our advanced modelling methods.

Key facts

Cloud-ready and targeted to specific business needs

Developed in cooperation with experts from banks

Monitoring and detection based on real-life banking data

Processing client transactional data in real time

Using big data and machine learning models

Solutions portfolio

Profitable product offers

Smart Pricing Profitable product offers

Using smart pricing to create profitable loan offers

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Loan default prediction

Credit Risk Monitoring Loan default prediction

Predicting and preventing loan defaults with proactive credit risk management

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Data-driven lending

Lending Data-driven lending

Data-driven loan offers: How machine learning can help

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Modular solution

Ready-made banking algorithms and models
Approved methods
and verified
Easy calibration to fit each specific client
Simple deployment
and integration

Our modular solutions are just one way of working with us.
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smart pricing for banks - ai solution by profinit big data for banking

Raiffeisenbank Data-driven campaign targeting

Thanks to Profinit’s AcceptAI, Raiffeisenbank CZ achieved a 6-fold improvement in call centre conversion rates based on customer behaviour.

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Increasing acceptance rate through machine learning

Amplifi Capital Increasing acceptance rate through machine learning

Profinit delivered a behavioural model that resulted in a 30% increase in the loan-offer acceptance rate of a digital channel.

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Computing anti-fraud predictors

Erste Group Bank Computing anti-fraud predictors

How Profinit helped the Česká spořitelna (Erste Group) dramatically speed up fraud detection, to process 1.5 billion transactions per day.

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We expand to Germany
Profinit established a branch for the DACH region
Due to growing interest in their services in the DACH region, Profinit has announced the establishment of a new entity, Profinit DE in Hamburg.
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