Success story / Sustainable backbone solution

Empowering growth: Sustainable backbone solution for FinTech

Multiple increase of quotes for new brand product

Accelerated time to market for new credit products

Scalable solution with easy maintenance adopted in 8 weeks

Project Brief

The solution empowers client’s growth, facilitating dynamic scaling of new product offers and serving an increasing number of clients.

Profinit provided us with a sustainable backbone solution for our growing business that we needed for our dynamic scale-up of new product offers and the increasing number of clients.

Petr Luksan
COO & Member of the Board

Project background

Amplifi Capital, a FinTech London powerhouse and 2024 Scale-up of the Year of Fintech Awards London winner, pioneers tech-driven solutions for affordable consumer loans in the near-prime market. Their robust monolithic system reached a turning point where expansion became crucial to keep pace with evolving business dynamics.

The surge in system updates, while a sign of growth, began to slow down maintenance and development speed for new products and functionalities. As complexity grew, so did infrastructure management costs and demands on continuous delivery. Amplifi’s burgeoning teams faced challenges in balancing system evolution with daily demands.

Business needs

The solution needed to meet the following requirements:

  • Accelerate the release of new products and functionalities to the market
  • Facilitate the offering of diverse financial products across established and new brands
  • Integrate machine learning solutions for personalised product customisation
  • Lower infrastructure configuration and maintenance costs


The main challenge was adapting Amplifi’s IT infrastructure to support evolving business needs while dealing with more difficult maintenance and increasing development speed for new products. This involved enhancing flexibility by concurrently offering financial products from multiple brands and personalised offerings through improved integration of machine learning.

Amplifi needed to navigate its way in the landscape of technology, deciding to modernise its infrastructure to prevent risks associated with outdated systems, ensure adaptability to rapidly evolving business requirements and lower maintenance costs.

Solution & results

Profinit’s approach focused on enhancing infrastructure scalability, which is pivotal for seamless deployment. Embracing micro-service architecture, our consultants undertook the redevelopment of segments within the existing monolithic system, leveraging cutting-edge technologies for modernisation.

The upgraded solution facilitates the swift release of new products and functionalities, enhancing market responsiveness. Moreover, it enables the offering diverse financial products across brands, amplifying consumer choices and market reach.

Automation of infrastructure management bolsters scalability, ensuring robustness, lower maintenance costs and developer efficiency. Amplifi teams managed to hand over and adopt the developed solution in 8 weeks.

Tech stack

  • Merges modern programming languages like Java with cloud services such as AWS and orchestration tools
  • Implements a wide range of advanced technologies to create robust solution
  • Delivers a scalable, easily maintainable solution within 8 weeks

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