Reference Data Management

November 3

Reference data is something we often encounter in our projects. In our experience, it is often underestimated and does not get enough attention. In the webinar, we want to make you aware of some interesting aspects of ‘reference data’ such as how it relates to MDM, which it’s often mixed with.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The data architecture context of reference data management (RDM) and how it relates to master data management and data quality
  • Data models and design patterns for efficient RDM solutions
  • Challenges we often face and tips for successful RDM implementation

Speakers from Profinit

Peter Illés
Peter Illés

Senior Consultant

Peter Illés works as a senior consultant for Profinit. He has worked on a variety of projects, mainly for insurance and banking verticals. Over the last several years, he has primarily dealt with DWH and MDM/RDM projects, using various leading technologies on the market. His most recent projects were both for leading bank groups in the region.

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