4 Steps Towards Data Transparency

November 25

When the complexity of all the data in your business exceeds a certain level, it is time to make a sound decision and start taking steps towards professional and systematic data governance, clear data architecture and data transparency. This step is what we call “data landscape mapping”. At the end of this initial process, you will get something like a Google map of all the data in your company, visualised from different angles and dimensions. Learn more in our webinar led by Petr Hájek (Profinit’s Senior Advisor for Information Management).

AI Assistant for Raiffeisenbank
Profinit aided the bank’s improvement of operational efficiency
Raiffeisenbank CZ turned to its partner to leverage Profinit’s experience and expertise in AI and machine learning. Working together, they created an AI assistant, which saves 75% of the bank's Back Office work time.
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