book review data science

Book Review: ‘How not to be wrong’ by Jordan Ellenberg

by Sergii Stamenov, Data Science Consultant

It’s fun to read how mathematicians tried to “solve and understand the life” and how they failed or succeeded.

machine learning in the dach region

AI in Banking – 4 major pain points in the DACH region

by Barbora Fuksa, Business Development Manager

German, Austrian, and Swiss banks are putting a significant amount of effort into adopting AI for meaningful use cases. But can the bots save the bank?

applied data science research

Applied Data Science Research

by Barbora Fuksa, Business Development Manager

We only pick new colleagues with the best education in mathematical and technical sciences. Moreover, our consultants teach Software Engineering or Big Data technologies at top universities.

big data vs small data

Beyond Data-ism: Big Data and the Human Intuition

by Petr Hájek, Information Management Advisor

The old 'wisdom' says that managers spend their budgets on data and analytics, but finally, they make decisions based mostly on their intuition.

data scientist tip for an interview

Tips for a Data Science job interview

by Barbora Fuksa, Business Development Manager

1. Brush up on basic maths and statistical concepts You don´t want to stutter when asked about basic concepts such as ROC curves, logistic regression, etc. Can you explain the difference between supervised and unsupervised learning both to a child and a math major? Good! 2. Prepare a set of practical examples…

Profinit expands into Germany
The company established a branch for the DACH region
Due to growing interest in their services in the DACH region, Profinit has announced the establishment of a new entity, Profinit DE in Hamburg.
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